Crab Apple Practice


What I can offer

Homeopathy offers holistic support, matching remedies to the unique expression of the individual and cares for their emotional well being.

Erica’s background in counselling enables her to support her clients to make positive changes for themselves.

Crab Apple Practice will always encourage a client to seek conventional interventions with more serious or potentially life threatening circumstances.


Flower essences are helpful in supporting the wellbeing and emotions of a person.

Crab Apple Practice uses these in combination with homeopathic remedies to give a complete treatment looking at the different levels and aspects in a person.

A variety of other essences and flower essences are also used at Crab Apple Practice, such as Bush Flower Essences.

The prices for any combination of Bach flower essences or other essences are included in the consultation fee.

Erica offers counselling, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and playtherapy.

At times in our lives, we find ourselves stuck. At these times, counselling provides a safe and supporting environment for issues to be explored and to change the things that no longer suit us. Counselling can help us to look how past events keep us stuck in the present, and help us to see a way to go forward in our life.


She also devises and offers workshops in schools promoting self image and self esteem of pupils. Please contact me for your schools specif needs.



Consultations by appointment only


Payments to be made in cash or cheque


Initial Homeopathic Consultations up to 1½ hours including all homeopathic remedies and flower essences:

Adults £70 Children £65


Follow up Homeopathic Consultations up to 1 hour including all homeopathic remedies and flower essences:

Adults £50 Children £45


Acute prescriptions/replacement prescriptions £25


Telephone Fees

Please ONLY call between 9am-5pm on weekdays on 01322 558494 and leave a message.


Urgent out of hours advice, see Locum cover on other fees. 


Full telephone consultation including all remedies

Adults £50 Children £45


To discuss suitability for homeopathy (up to 10 minutes) No charge 


Advice between appointments (up to 10 minutes) No charge 


Advice between appointments with an acute / replacement prescription (up to 15 minutes) £25


Please note that if a lengthy acute case taking is required over the phone, then a full consultation fee will be charged.


Counselling and EMDR services

50 minuite session - £40 Adults and Children


Locum cover

Locum cover is available out of clinic is hours or during annual leave when the clinic is shut (clinic hours are weekdays only 9am-5pm) through The Homeopathic Helpline from 9am till midnight, seven days a week.

Calls are charged at £1.55 per minute + network charges (correct October 2018).

Tel: 09065 343404


Cancelation Charges

Please note that the full fee will be charged for missed or cancelled appointments unless a minimum of 48 hours notice is given. Messages can be left on the answer machine which registers the date and time.


Health Insurance

Simply Health plan members (formerly HSA) are eligible to claim for part of the cost of their homeopathic treatment.


For details of other insurance companies that recognise homeopaths that are registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH), please visit the ARH website at


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